Pump to keep in car

Looking to replace a cheap pump I leave in the car as I drive to a lot of my rides after work etc. I’ve thought about silica obviously but for $300 I could get one of those viairs and just get a better chuck. Anyone go that route or strictly using floor pumps?

I just use an old cheap mostly-plastic floor pump. I think it’s a Joe Blow; it’s outlasted several Specialized pump heads (though to be fair I don’t use it nearly as much).

(edit: actually it’s a Serfas)

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I keep a Fumpa pump in my car


Birzman Tinytanker is good, but flops around too much. Bosch or Milwaukee 12v pumps work great and take up less space.

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I have one of these. I cut off the included head and installed a Silca Hero chuck instead. The factory chuck would work fine with a presta adaptor, but why do that when a Hero chuck exists.

Controllable to half pound increments. Charge a couple times a year.

Super easy and pressure is quite repeatable compared to a Topeak digital gauge.

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I got one of these recently;

I don’t think they sell them in US as I got mine from Spain I think. It took a while to ship, but man I love this thing. So simple to use and takes up so little space. I keep it in my bike “go bag” that goes in the car anytime I have an outside ride or race planned. I replaced the cheap valve that came with it with a Silca valve and the thing is just awesome. Just need to keep it charged which is via a USB-C cable.

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Yep. Same idea as what I listed one post above. I don’t know how this hasn’t become the norm

For sure. I was watching one of the You Tube videos from the Scott SRAM mtb team and one of their mechanics was using it in the background. I kept pausing and restarting the video as I was blown away that I had never seen something like it at a race or start of a group ride.

Tracked it down on Google and purchased minutes later!

This is where I was able to purchase it from and get it shipped to US if anyone is interested.

I like that this Bosch rather than random-brand that I have used

Just get the pump for whatever 12v or 18v power tool system you’re on. Don’t go bike-specific. The only advantage to a bike one is if you’re flying because of the battery rules.

The car plug in ones are low quality. The power tool ones are all universally great. Fumpa or similar are fine but loud, slow, only have charge for 3-ish tires, and no gauge (look at Topeak Shuttle gauge here). Fumpa is particularly loud and the button makes it randomly fire off.

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