Suggestions on Air Compressor?

Any recommendations for a good air compressor for home?

I have this. It works fine.

The key is to change out the end to a quick release so you can add handle with a dial and a bike compatible end.

There might be an easier set up for just bike, but this was for my shop.

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All depends on what you want to use it for. You need to match its delivery capacity with the tools you might use. Small ones are ok for filling tires and things like floor nailers but cannot run any kind of continuous use or high CFM use tool like an impact wrench.

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ZeroG nailed it, depends on use. If just for inflating tubeless tyres air volume is more important than anything else, as even a small unit can usually cope with ‘high’ pressure. This is often limited by narrow bore fixings, so a little oil free 40 litre cheapy can be made much more useful through swapping out the valve and connector. That said it still won’t run any serious tools without running constantly and you having to deal with pressure dropping rapidly (and the constant running kills oil-free units).