TT/Triathlon overlap

I’ve been unable to train running for the last 7 weeks due to injury.
Ive been using the bike a lot and have start thinking about what could i race that doesnt require swimming and running, and that is not a mass start road bike race…

So TT is what’s what!

That said… not sure what this races really mean… To me, it sounds more like running races where the winner is the person with the fastest chip time… but I have no clue…

then, if i decide to do one, Can I just do it with a UCI legal tri bike and my regular triathlon skin suit?

Anyway… just looking for alternates to 5ks and 10ks since it looks like im not doing those in a while…

Depends on the local organizing body, but usually “yes” and “yes”. Caveat - if you have a sleeveless tri suit, they may not let you use that.

But most local TT races / series are happy to just get more participants and don’t get too fussy over UCI regs.