In the market for a new TT bike: UCI limitations?

I’m looking for advice on getting a new bike. I think in the future it is most likely that I compete in a triathlon more than a time trial however I would be interested in doing TT races. Do most USAC time trial events follow UCI specifications? Especially more so in Omnium race formats?

The argon 119 Tri+disc is not uci legal
Argon 118+ tri is.

Would the 119 preclude me from participating in TTs at for example Joe Martin, or regional events as a cat 2/3 cyclist?

You might get an answer here but I’d highly recommend reading the USAC rules and regulations before dropping several thousand dollars!

It’s more about the races themselves I think. I was trying to see which rules the more popular ones prescribe to. Do all USAC races follow UCI rules? I wasn’t clear about that.

I think the answer is amateurs aren’t held to UCI in this instance, and might be given more lenience to bike geometry, but that’s an expensive mistake to make.

Another way of thinking about it might be “will the UCI legal TT bike give me everything I want for a triathlon”? Paula Findlay has recently been using the Shiv TT (instead of the Shiv Tri) for her races. There’s a few That Triathlon Life vlogs and podcasts where she talks about this.

Thanks, that’s a good way to frame the question and helps a lot. That’s helpful!

I also just emailed a big name race director who answered the question directly. Cat 1/2 is not governed by UCI and will be fine but state level events could likely have additional regulations.

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Very few USAC races follow UCI rules regarding TT specifications. I’ve raced all over the southeast and never witnessed a jig or had to have my bike checked.

I wouldn’t stress it unless you plan to race national championship races.


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