TSS ramp up vs Fitness

Doing low volume planbuilding,with weekly TSS around 280-320,then i add some recovery workouts or doing outside rides,endurance or funrides. But my main focus is to do and complete the TR workouts.

My new approach of planning is to look at Intervals.icu fitness page,so i can plan my extra workouts and keep the fitnesscurve in the green zone as long as possible,besides Trainerroads recovery weeks. That means i´ll get and need around 450-550 TSS per week.

So i wonder, what to follow ?do you have progress of a steady high TSS, and can you rely on the fitness curve on interval.icu, or should/must i do a tss ramp up, so for example 500 leads to 550 and so on?

Fitness and tss is pretty interesting when you starting to think about it…

Damn you Trainerroad :wink: :slight_smile: <3

I’m confused by your question. Your fitness from intervals.icu is a 6 week rolling average of your daily TSS.

If you are doing stuff outside of TR workouts, and it is being captured by TR in their calendar, your 6 week average in the TR training calendar should be the same or similar to the fitness you see on intervals.icu. The green line that highlights the “optimal training zone” is your Form = Fitness - Fatigue.

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The TR plans already have a bit of a TSS ramp-up build in. If you were only looking at TSS, you could perhaps do a slightly steeper ramp, but the plans also add load in other ways - longer intervals, or higher power and so on. While this usually leads to a TSS increase, sometimes it doesn’t, because for example the rest intervals are at a lower power, which evens it out.

I’d suggest if you follow the TR plans, don’t look at TSS too much, especially not as some sort of a target. Use it as a warning sign, when your outdoor rides get too much.

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Not quite. Its a 6 week exponentially weighted moving average. So your fitness decays slowly if you stop training but doesn’t disappear completely after 6 weeks. About half will be left. I think TR uses a 6 week rolling average.

The OP’s usage of this to keep a handle on “off plan” riding while using TR plans seems reasonable.

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I don’t think TR reports fitness. It shows TSS, Weekly TSS, 6 week av TSS, & 6week daily av TSS.

(I may have this wrong)

non of these are a fitness score, fitness is normally reported as CTL which is a more complicated formula (I keep a spreadsheet for this)

The formula intervals.icu uses is:

w = exp(-1/42)
CTL = CTL_yesterday * w + TSS_today * (1 - w)

Yep - that’s (basically) what I use

6-week TSS is analogous to CTL, and 1-week TSS is analogous to ATL. They just use different averaging methods.

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I’m switching to intervals.icu cuz my “fitness” on TP is almost at zero. :weary:
I can keep riding the couch & gain some free fitness! :laughing:

(BTW, thanks @davidtinker for doing what you do :+1:)

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Ahh this is good to know.