TSS and fitness gains riding outdoors v indoors

If I don’t do a specific training plan or have a specific goal but just to do around 600 TSS a week at my current FTP would my fitness improve the same as if I did a Trainerroad plan with a lot of sweetspot workouts but only 400-500 TSS a week?

I am thinking if I just get on my bike ride 5 times a week and get to 600 weekly TSS will I still get fitter the same as doing a TR plan? I don’t race or have any goals apart from fitness and the weather is so good out side at present.

Too many variables to give a straight answer, but a TR plan will have consistent quality and consistent, progressive TSS increase as the weeks go on. This is what drives fitness gains. Increase stress + sufficient rest = positive adaptation = more fitness.

If you can be disciplined and skip junk miles and spend your TSS wisely you could see gains as long as you’re progressively increasing volume and/or intensity. Riding the same TSS week after week will get you to a certain point but won’t drive continual improvement. You’ll plateau. Volume and/or intensity has to go up.

If you don’t have specific goals and are relatively happy with your fitness level, by all means enjoy the weather, ride your bike and don’t worry about the numbers or specificity too much.

If you’re on the fence, maybe a LV TR plan coupled with outdoor riding might be a good fit.


Proper and well stated response, @Tanner1280 :+1:

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