TSS over-calculated compared to Wahoo & Xert

Hi there,

I’m a new TR user and prefer to ride outdoors. When my rides are synced with TrainerRoad, I see that TSS on TrainerRoad is roughly double of what my Wahoo calculates. E.g. today’s ride is given 288TSS on TrainerRoad, while Wahoo says 126TSS, and Xert assigns it 113XSS (I know that XSS isn’t exactly TSS but usually these two metrics aren’t too far apart for my rides).

I thought it could be because of association with a TR workout, marked the ride as “unplanned” and TSS went down to 284 - so it didn’t change things much.

Did anyone have similar issues? What’s the solution?

Oh, figured it out. The topic can be closed - for whatever reason, the FTP setting from my profile was ignored, and instead there is a record in “FTP history” with a lower value. Creating a new record didn’t solve the issue and I had to edit each workout manually and change FTP value on a workout level, TSS went down to 105 which is more believable to me.

Wonder if I’ll have to do it after each ride now.

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No problem!

You should not have to edit your FTP retroactively moving forward, as long as its up dated now for the workouts that follow.
If you have trouble, email into support@trainerroad.com. Cheers!