Tss totals not correct during uploads

Has anyone suddenly experienced an error on the info being sync from TrainingPeaks( tss for every ride are showing about half their value !any feedback would be appreciated it was image|472x500

Is your FTP set correctly in Training Peaks? I have noticed when my TrainerRoad rides get uploaded to Garmin Connect that Garmin Connect recalculates the TSS for the workout based on my FTP setting in Garmin Connect. I don’t mess with updating my FTP in Garmin Connect because I use TrainerRoad to analyze everything. I have a Training Peaks free account but don’t pay much attention to it. My suspicion is that Training Peaks is doing the same thing as Garmin Connect.

513 TSS TrainingPeaks and 602 TSS TrainerRoad.

Yeah, I bet that is why mine is lower in TrainingPeaks.