TSS Mismatch | Wahoo Bolt and TrainerRoad (via Strava)

Trying to understand why Wahoo Element lists TSS for an 1:53 ride outside as 143 and TrainerRoad lists it in my calendar as 96. Same for a 1:35 ride listed as 93 on Element app and 61 on TrainerRoad. Rides are syncing via Strava to TrainerRoad. The TrainerRoad numbers seem very low based on perceived effort compared with Wahoo Kickr indoor workouts. Which is correct? Should I (can I) edit the TSS to better reflect the effort?

Is your FTP set the same in Strava/Wahoo/TR? That could cause a problem,

Have you set your FTP to match your TR FTP in the Elemnt App?

Yes. Just caught that. I just adjusted to match, but there was a difference when it uploaded. It didn’t change the TSS on the already-synced rides, so not sure if it solved the mismatch.

It likely won’t change for historic rides. This is because theoretically you’re updating it in real time and those rides were done with whatever the current FTP setting was - it lets you track TSS based on your FTP at the time.

This might be of interest to you then:

Otherwise I think you can manually edit the TSS.