Differences in TSS trainerroad vs trainingpeaks


I completed a trainerroad workout outside for the first time using my element bolt. Workout pulled from TR and loaded to my element bolt very fast. The workout had a TSS of 112. After returning home my wahoo automatically uploaded my workout to trainingpeaks and strava as per usual. When I openend TP the workout that was uploaded for that ride had a TSS of 86 so I checked the history of my wahoo unit and it gave a TSS of 112 having been completed.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why there would be s discrepancy of 26 points on my TSS for the same ride across 2 different training platforms?


Have you set the same FTP value in TR and TP? I often forget to update my TrainingPeaks account FTP (and zones) after TrainerRoad re-test.


Thanks Branix that was the problem. Completed a FTP test a couple of weeks back and hadn’t applied new FTP to trainingpeaks.

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