Import from TP or Strava - which order?

I have been off TR for 9 months and have now re-subscribed. I have synced my rides with Strava and they have all uploaded. However my FTP within Strava is an old setting (set low) and I am not a Premium member of Strava so cannot reset it.
The result is that a ride with a TSS of 65 comes from Strava as 85 TSS and blows my analytics and calendar.

The options for sync seem to be both ways to Strava but ideally I want my ride history to come from Training Peaks but push TR workouts to both Strava and TP.

I was thinking of deleting the imported rides for the last 9 months but i am not sure I have the option of importing them from TP and I definitely do not have all the files to upload.

i hope I have explained this well enough. Glad to be back.

This came up a while ago and this is what I have been using per @bbarrera . I even saved the screen shot back from July 2019. Ha

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I cannot see the screen shot. However I have worked out a solution. I had not put in all the interim FTP settings in TR for the last 9 months. Once I did that it auto-adjusted and recalculated the TSS values to match those within TP (or very close)
Thanks for your help.

So the answer is that it doesn’t matter which source provides the file, TR calculates TSS values itself based on the current FTP setting at the time.

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:+1:t3: I was about to pop in and tell you to update TR FTP history.