Tss going to be high after long ride

I done V02 effort on Monday at 105 tss, off Tuesday and done 6 hrs 40mins on Wed with a tss of 410 so that is 515 in total and not even half way through the week. My avg tss is around 600 so is it ok to go to 800 let’s say for this week because that is where it will be if I do another few workouts which I do plan on doing?

Everyone is different, so you can try it and see how you respond. You may be fine, or you may feel fatigued either now or over the next week or two.

Important to focus on your recovery between rides. Get extra rest, eat healthy and well, and consider some other recovery boosters like yoga, easy walking/spinning and my personal favorite Normatec boots.

er…yes course it is …just monitor recovery and maybe have an easier week next week…and maybe a day off after nearly 7 hours in the saddle :smile:…I’m not a slave to the numbers but then again several 800TSS weeks may cause you problems

also gotta think about, what is it that actually makes you tired? Is it “TSS” or is it the fact that you just did a almost seven hour ride?

so you just did a hard ride and then a long ride. Wake up in the morning and see how you feel. If you don’t feel great (to be expected), do a short easy ride, focus on hydration and eating well, get some sleep. Then wake up and see how you feel the next day.

Soon enough you’ll feel fine and ready to go hard again. And the TSS will be whatever it will be.