TSS for Alpine Skiing...(not touring)

I coach ski racing in the winter usually on Sundays which should be my Sweet Spot day x1.5 hours (Base phase of SSB). I’m skiing ~6 hours (technical alpine skiing at Snowbird ski resort) ~30k ft vertical etc. Does anyone have a good resource for how to integrate this into the training plan as currently I skip the workout (sweet spot), but the AT then wants me to lower my future sweet spot progression levels. I can’t get the ride in afterwards as I go to my real job from the ski resort :slight_smile:

I’m sure there is a simple work around…any thoughts

They did a segment on the latest podcast about this, so would recommend listening to that.

Alpine skiing doesn’t replicate the demands of sweet spot work. It’s probably beneficial in some ways and making you stronger, but they’re not the same. So there’s no sense in telling AT you completed the workout when you went skiing, and having it constantly increasing the PLs.

I’d just skip them and move on and not worry if it becomes a 1 until the snow melts. If you’re concerned about the sweet spot energy system, then find another day to work that into your schedule (replacing threshold or vo2 max or whatever).

If you think your PL in sweetspot is higher than what TR is planning for you, because you’ve skipped so many due to skiing, and you have time to do a SS workout…then simply choose an alternate workout with a higher PL. If you complete it and mark it appropriately, it’ll recognize that and give you harder sweet spot workouts again.

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TSS of activities other than TR workouts (indoor and out) as you’ve found isn’t calculated by AT their (TR Support’s) advice to me was to go to a LV plan to achieve a stable progression and add other activities or workouts through Train Now to it. Estimated TSS will be shown on your calendar if you add it as an annotation (other activity). I’m not sure how well it’ll estimate a non cycling activity though.