TSS estimating for running program

Hey there , I need help to estimate a tss for my running programm.
I have a specific running programm for 45 Minutes which is based on Badminton specific steps on the field. ( I love this kind of training, and I hate long distance running)
Its changing between 1 min resttime (running slow ) and one minute Traintime in change.
The active time : Running jumps, deep sideways steps, fencing steps forwards and backwards, running backwards and sprinting on the spot, all on the front foot as the centre of gravity and also longer passages of fast running at 80%. My pulse goes up to about 150-160. depending on how deep in the knees and how fast I do the exercises in the thighs. So I do ~ 20 minutes in rates of 150-165 beats per minute. What would you experts estimate for tss. (I am 56 years old).
Thnx for help me here.

You will want to look at hrTSS estimation:

Free tools like intervals.icu and TrainingPeaks will calculate TSS for you for runs based on HR if you record the run using a device and upload.

If you don’t record, do you know your HR zones? You could do some rough estimation based on the following table from Training Peaks also:


thank you very much for that link and information.
This will be very helpfull for me.
have great easterdays.

Training Peaks also has a rTSS score….in general, it roughly equates to 10TSS / mile. Makes it pretty simple to plan out your training weeks by TSS.

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