Running TSS question

I built my plan with plan builder and after some weeks I noticed that the predicted TSS for running is way off.
For example:

  1. two sundays ago I had a 1h50min base run scheduled. Intensity was rpe4 ( rpe6 in description) and planned TSS was 84. I ran it with 153BPM and got a RSS 161 from stryd which is twice the amount TR planned(I use polar vantage m + stryd)
  2. Last sunday I had a 50min run with 41TSS planned ( again, planned RPE4, but RPE6 in description). I ran 54 minutes, with average 147BPM and RSS was 90.

So the planned TSS vs stryd RSS are always different by quite a big margin. If I also add swim tss then the planned load is way off. For example if in the weekly plan, cycling TSS made up 3/4 of total, then after adding the running and swimming, I may even get down to 50%.

If you even use logic, then 1h50min run cant be only 84TSS which is basically an easy bike ride.

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All I can say is “I get what you are saying.” I don’t know the answer … but at least you have something. Garmin does not give me a TSS for runs. Suppose I can go into TrainingPeaks and see what they do.


I use pace rather than HR to calculate my rTSS based on my 1hr pace

(rTSS rather than hrTSS)

I use TrainingPeaks and have historically used rTSS and not hrTSS, this makes a huge difference to the numbers and means that they are nor directly comparable to my cycling TSS numbers


I think TR works with hr TSS

In Training Peaks you can View different TSS:
hrTSS calculated with HR zones
TSS calculated with Power Zones
rTSS calculated with Pace zones

my hrTSS is mostly the same as in TR description and TSS with Power a lot higher

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Hi there.

If you’re planning your training by RPE, you need to execute it by RPE.

So you can either use your stryde as a guide for RPE, or plan your run training for stryde numbers.

Sure, If you can, for me its easier to work with TSS (Power), you can create easily with Training Peaks Workout builder, nearly Same as TR Bike Workouts

Im not using either, Stryd uses power.

I guess there was some misunderstanding.
Stryd uses power to get TSS, just as in cycling. Not related to hrTSS and RPE. I posted the RPE values just to give some example of the required pace. For example, if the description says RPE6, then i run at 280-315w range and my HR is somewhere around 150.

I play a 40min basketball game, i have no idea what the TSS is. But half the time I cant breath so I score it like vo2 work

Is it your Stryd that is reporting the TSS, or is it Stryd data as viewed in something like TrainingPeaks? I do not own a Stryd, but when I was using the Garmin Running Power function on my FR935 it was doubling my TSS as viewed in TrainingPeaks, until I set my power zones in TP.

I found a lot of inconsistencies between what was described and what the default entry was in the calendar. I reported it at one point but I guess running/triathletes is not high on their priorities now. Maybe it’ll change once they actually start using a tri plan

I have never used a Stryd to get a run-based TSS, but when I was running regularly and using pace as my evaluation factor, my rTSS came in pretty regularly ~10TSS/ mile. 4 mile run = ~40 rTSS. For the mot part, I found those values in the same ballpark as my TSS from a bike ride of similar time / effort.

While Stryd uses power, I know there are a lot of variables they use to evaluate power…I don’t know if watts from on run on Stryd is the same watts as those actually measured via strain gauges on a power meter.

Was wondering a bit on this same topic and glad I found this rather than posting a new comment. I’m currently using Plan Builder with my A race of Santa Cruz 70.3 1/2 triathlon in September. I’m following the 1/2 Triathlon build in Trainer Road and write them into my Training Peak calendar to chart my progress. I use Garmin 920xt and Stryd power meter for runs. When I input the run workouts such as base run w/ 8 1m Anaerobic repeats for a total of 1 hour using the RPE shown my expected TSS score is much lower than the TR TSS expected. In order to adjust my run to meet that TSS score I have to increase the power/ pace of my warm up time and cool down times between the VO2 intervals or lengthen those times significantly, or both. I feel that matching the TSS is most important. Seems like others have had similar difficulties.