Trying to push workouts from Wahoo companion app to Wahoo head unit via bluetooth does not work

Title says it all. Unless the head unit (bolt v2 or v1 in my case) is directly connected to wifi I’m unable to sync TR workouts. IT. IS. FRUSTRATING. I opened a ticket with wahoo back in May we went through everything until they acknowledged it was a known issue and are ‘working on it’. Spoiler it’s been months and I still can not push workouts to the head unit.

I’m unable to connect the bolt to wifi because it is my work’s network where I often ride from, and I have to join the network via website login. No way to do this for the head unit unless I’m completely unaware how and am a fool.

Yes my phone (iPhone11 latest iOS) is connected to the network. No I can not push the workout to the head unit. The button does absolutely nothing. Or just goes back to the main menu.

Yes my rides sync to the app.
Yes routes sync to the head unit via bluetooth.
Yes I have forgotten the phone / device and re paired them to one another.
Yes I have tried a factory reset.
Yes firmware is up to date.

Is anyone else dealing with this? or has found a work around?

To the person that will say plan ahead and sync before hand. That’s all well and good but I do forget sometimes and big picture this is an advertised feature that does not work.