Sensors required for rollers?

After using the search feature, I couldnt find an answer as to what equipment I will need to train on a set of rollers. The rollers will only be used for endurance/recovery type workouts. I currently have a crank based power meter. Do I need to buy a wheel speed sensor as well? Rollers are in shipping right now or I would have tested to see. Just want everything to be dialed at once instead of waiting on additional pieces. Thanks everyone.

No speed sensor needed, I use rollers with a powermeter only and have no issues, I actually like that it doesn’t add indoor miles to my yearly totals


Fantastic!!! Thank you for educating me.

It depends what you want to measure. With a power meter, you’ll get power and most likely cadence. You won’t get wheel speed, and thus no miles ridden. If that is important to you, you’ll need a wheel sensor.

You can obviously ride the rollers without any electronics. Especially if you’re only doing easy rides. Just ride for half an hour, at an RPE that feels easy.

Amen. A lot of folks don’t realize it, but Karl Marx actually wrote “indoor miles are the opium of the masses”.