Trip to NYC - road bike rental?

Hi all,

Quick question: my girlfriend and I are heading to NYC for a couple of days at the end of september. As we’re both avid cyclists, we want to get some nice rides in as well. Is there a shop/place where we could rent some decent road bikes to go and explore the city (and surroundings of course)?

I know there is a Rapha Clubhouse in Manhattan, but as we’re both not an RCC member yet, I would like to see if there are alternatives.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Nicky,

I picked up a Trek Emonda from Trek Bicycles in Hell’s Kitchen a couple of years ago and recall the guys there being great. Worth checking out.


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Thanks for the tip Guy!
I’ll reach out to them and see what they can offer.


For just exploring the city, you might look into using Citibikes – there are docks everywhere, and you can unlock a bike (or e-bike) with the Lyft app and ride around then drop off at another dock for relatively cheap. They’re big, heavy cruisers, but honestly probably better for the crappy NYC streets. My girlfriend and I use them all the time to go on dates and such in the outer boroughs. Pretty fun and super convenient.

For actual riding, I’m sure Trek would be great as mentioned. As another option, folks at Echelon Cycles are also great and appear to at least have some carbon Fujis with 105 available to rent, but I’d call well ahead of time.

Enjoy NYC! Central Park laps are a bunch of fun if you get out there before the mass of people, horse-drawn carriages, bike taxis, etc. (at this point, I like to be done in the park no later than 8:30am). And the main ride you’ll see out here – riding across the George Washington Bridge into NJ, then up either 9W or Henry Hudson Dr. (known as River Road) to the 9W market – is fantastic. If you want to go even longer, you can pretty much go north past the market for as long as your heart desires.


Thanks for the awesome tips! I’ve already created a route going up on the 9W from Bowery (where we’re staying) to Tarrytown. Looks pretty awesome (and does have some small climbs as well :slight_smile:)

Trek HK isn’t renting out bikes at this time (maybe due to Covid, didn’t ask) but I’ll give Echelon a try. Rode on a fuji some time ago and it wasn’t a disappointment at all!