NYC resources for racing, teams, etc.?

Note: I’m asking for a friend who recently moved. I am not moving. :slight_smile:
My friend and former teammate moved to NYC this month. We were talking about resources for finding races in NYC area, and also teams. I offered to post something here because everyone here is always so helpful, and she agreed.
She primarily races road, and her new place is in Brooklyn, somewhat close to Prospect Park from what I’ve gathered. Oh, she also raced track while here, but I don’t think there’s a convenient velodrome.
Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’ll send them on to her.
Thank you so much in advance!

I’d start with the CRCA in New York City. 2022 schedule doesn’t look to be populated yet.

Compared to most parts of the USA, she’s actually close to two places to race track.

Kissena Velodrome is an asphalt 400m track and part of the NYC Parks system:

TrexlerTown (T-Town; Valley Preferred Cycling Center) is in PA, but has weekly racing and programs and hosts world class events. It’s a proper 333M track. Side note: everyone needs to race track at some point. It is an absolute blast.

The road racing scene is dominated by criteriums. Prospect Park, Central Park and a large number of events in CT/NY/NY/PA all within a reasonable drive. The NYC teams will often have vans or a few riders will get a rental and drive together etc etc. City people are often weird about cars.

Time Trials are reachable and mostly in NJ. Watch the NJBA calendar for those dates (see link below - we are starting to populate the schedule as promoters commit to race dates).

Actual road races are becoming less common but we will see what comes back for 2022. Watch for the Bear Mountain Road Race (CRCA club, NY) and the Giro Di Cielo (Skylands Cycling, NJ).

Finally, there is a strong CX scene in the Mid-Atlantic an New England states with some great races very reachable from NYC.

As we know, all of the race calendars are in flux for 2022. But if someone wants to race a bike, from April to October the Mid-Atlantic is a pretty good place to be.

Hope that helps and good luck to your friend with the relocation.


I’m going to state the obvious and suggest she look at bikereg as well. Most, if not all, NYC area races are posted there. There is a crit series on Randall’s Island that starts in March and goes through summer. There used to be a crit series in Merrick, NY (on long island). Easy train ride on the LIRR. Branch Brook Park in Newark has an early-season race series as well. I think Verrazano Cycling organizes vans to take carless NYC racers to races in NJ and upstate (anything outside of NYC is considered “upstate” ;-)). There are races throughout the spring, summer and early fall in Central Park but they start at an ungodly hour in the morning.

I’ll add one other road race that may or may not come back next year, the Jersey Devil, which is in Montgomery, NJ. Hard to say what racing will look like next year but there was a good amount last season in NYC so hopefully that is a sign that racing will continue next year.

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Jersey Devil will not be held in 2022. Unless a different promoter comes in which is very unlikely at this point in time.

Branch Brook will be a 5 race series. 4 days in March and first Saturday in April. Cherry Blossom event is same course.

There will be sponsored series in both Prospect Park and Floyd Bennett Field. One series sponsored by Castelli and the other by Lucarelli and Castaldi. Both series have Facebook pages.

CRCA will also have a dozen or so races.

For all of those races, and its a lot of racing, dates and permits are being finalized and will all be posted up soon.

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Thanks so much for all of the information @DarthShivious and @rbean01! I will send these on to my friend. (Sorry for the delay… I took a break from the computer over the holidays.) She DOES race track, so the information about getting to T-Town will be helpful.

If you have any info about finding teams, that would also be useful. NorCal has an “early birds” racing series with a “meet the teams” day, so most of the larger teams have a presence on that day. I don’t know if there’s anything like that in the NYC area? Or do most people just find teams by doing races and seeing what teams are there?


Don’t have the right team connections in the city to be particularly helpful. There are many as one would expect and given Covid the last couple seasons many things have changed.

If I was coming in blind, and depending on level (category), I’d take a look at the different CRCA affiliated teams, possibly Colovita, and see which one fit my needs. Perhaps just race independent or with her 2021 affiliation for a little while. Folks will notice a new woman racing and conversations will happen.

FWIW, I’m NJ based rider and involved with our local association for many years. The NJ cycling association president does a lot of timing and promoting in both NJ and NY and helped fill in the info posted up thread. Along with some other promoters who I ride with regularly. Folks are trying hard to get a good schedule together. Permits, dates, venues, navigating governments all takes a lot of effort. But expect we will have a good road season in 2022 despite some of the normal races not being held.

Best of luck to your colleague in her relocation.


Thanks again! I’ll pass this info on.

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