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Does anyone here have experience using Rapha rental bikes? From what I can see, if you are an RCC member (I am not but debating joining so I can rent bikes when traveling for work) this is an option in Rapha clubhouses around the country. Looks like they rent Canyons. Seems kind of ideal when I am going somewhere for 1-3 days and have time to ride but don’t want the hassle of flying with a bike (or, gasp, not riding). The thought of riding in LA in March seems dreamy right now with perpetual snow where I live…

I am mainly curious if the bikes are decently maintained and if it is as simple as it seems?


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Thanks for posting this, I didn’t know it was a thing

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My brother joined RCC before a trip to London last year with the intention of doing exactly this. The bike rentals were booked solid and he was not able to rent. Even with significant planning ahead of time.

Not saying this is the norm, but the only first-hand experience I’ve heard of.

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If the destinations you’re interested in have their Clubhouses it might work out, but they only have 8 locations in the US…

The cities I am most likely to use it are LA, Chicago and NYC. I would rank them in that order of most likely to try to make it happen to least so.

LA in March will be my first crack at it. I NEED to ride outside ASAP.

I have friends that do the Rapha rentals regularly. They are very nice bikes, e.g., Canyon Ultimate with Dura Ace mechanical and rim brakes. From what I’ve seen, I would try to book as early as possible.

The Rapha “LA” clubhouse is actually in Santa Monica. Could be worse.

Rapha used to have a clubhouse just down the road from me in Sydney. Every time I went in there the bikes were always in great condition - not spotless but very well maintained. I don’t think they have many at each clubhouse; they had 5-6 in Sydney so definitely get in early.

Great bikes, well maintained and if you can provide your preferred set-up measurements they will get the bike dialled in as much as possible, before you pick the bike up. The benefit of joining the RCC also means you get insurance within the membership, covering you whilst you are enjoying that riding trip.
Look out for opportunities where Satellite Cafes and Clubs are set up in other areas too, as you may find there is a mix of Cannondales and Canyons available to ride, so good for bike testing purposes as well as less of a headache when travelling. I have some strong links within the RCC so if there are any questions on hire (especially within the UK/Europe), keep it coming!

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Hey up @DanMorris - how you doing? Basically said just what I was going to!
I’ve never rented a bike but was going to in San Francisco last year till my trip got cancelled. The clubhouse guys are usually spot on and were even happy to book well in advance for me because I was making a trip from UK. You can also include a wahoo with local routes ready to go if you want to ride away from organised clubhouse rides. I’ll be looking to try again in New York when I visit in August - the rental prices have gone up, but membership costs halved so unless you’re making regular rentals shouldn’t notice much difference in benefit and I doubt you’ll find many options of similar spec bikes for comparable prices.

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Bikes are nice and well maintained. As said above, the challenge is getting one, especially in a 56cm/medium. I dropped RCC because the bikes were booked every time I tried to rent one. Even planning a month + ahead.