Stockholm bike rental?

Thought I would give this a shot here … any recommendations?

I visited Stockholm recently but didn’t cycle. It didn’t seem like there was a big road cycling culture there.

However there is a cool Bianchi cycles cafe, maybe they can offer some advice if you got in touch?

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I live in Stockholm. We have really good MTB trails in close connection to the city and I heard that specialized concept store rents MTBs (at least in back in the days), and they are quite close to Nackareservatet (nature reserve) which holds a lot of nice trails (a lot of them are can be found on Trailforks). You can also try Flottsbro Bikepark är med sina 13 leder ett centrum för mountainbike - Hyr cykel online nära Stockholm - Flottsbro but then you probably need a car to go there.

For Road bike, I just found these guys Bicycle rental and repair since 1984 - Cykelstallet . Have no clue about their standards but they are convenient located if you stay in the city. With that said, you probably need 45min (in whichever direction) before you reach nice scenic roads


Thanks Tommy! I did find cykelstallet on the 'net as well. Can you take a bike on mass transit and reach those “scenic roads”?

Yeah you can bring your bike on the commuter trains but not during rush hours and not at the central station, all other stations are ok. Then head either south or north, it is good roads without too much traffic as soon as you are out of town. I am not sure what you are used to ride but don’t expect long climbs, it is very flat here :slight_smile:

Just in it for the fun and exploring places I’ve never been. No training! Thanks for your help!

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