Triathlon 360 :o

Bike/swim/bike/sail/run/sail/bike around the world. Maybe this is the triathlon the TR team should do? :rofl:

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Come back to me when he HTFU and rows the Pacific and Atlantic.

Sail? Row? In a triathlon?


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Huh, I sailed for like 12 years as a kid. Hope it catches on :joy:

IME there’s a lot of unexpected parallels between a multi-day ocean race and a full distance tri. You’re always kinda thinking about what kind of position you’re putting yourself in several hours down the line.
(on a less serious note, it’s also expensive as hell, takes forever to train for, you get to spend hours hunched over in a ridiculous position eating weird food, and there’s always a really old guy and a bunch of kids who are faster than you.)


I mean, technically the birth ‘triathlon’ can be traced back to France in 1901 where the ‘Le Trois Sports’ race consisted of running, biking, and canoeing. It wasn’t until about two decades later the canoe was replaced with the swim.

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Ok then - we’ll tolerate rowing. :smiley:

Probably the length of time it took for the participants to learn how to swim.

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… or the organizers to get tired of managing a bike-to-canoe transition zone.

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