Tri suit choice (quick help needed)

First sprint triathlon this weekend with 500m swim in the pool and first time wearing a Tri suit.

I have these suits as option:

Both fit tight and well and freestyle swim movement is ok with the sleeves.

Castelli feels more smooth, comfortable and breathable (I guess feeling and performing better on bike and run but maybe soaking a bit more water in the swim?)

Orca feeling a bit more compressed (on the edge of being comfortable) and overall the suit definitely feels more wind and water proof. Therefore I assume it might glide better in the water, dries quicker but might not be as smooth through the wind on the bike (and a bit hotter maybe).

I lean towards Castelli (or keeping both :wink:) but would be happy to hear your opinions and experiences.

The Castelli All out. End of thread. It’s really nice.
I’m 5’8” and 175 and wear medium.

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Will keep and use the Castelli. Only question now is if I want to keep the Orca as a reserve.

I don’t know any of the two but I wouldn’t recommend it if it is an uncomfortable fit.

FWIW I have never found myself in need of a back-up trisuit.

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Both comfortable but Castelli even more (just asking myself if it might go baggy a bit over time or if it will keep its fit?).

Reasoning behind keeping the other suit would be potential future triathlon with open water swim where neoprene is not allowed. As the orca material seems a bit thicker/more water resistant. But I shouldn’t be concerned with potential future events now :wink:.