One-piece trisuit recommendations

For the last few years I’ve been using a sleeved Compressport tri jersey and separate tri shorts. I was never perfectly happy with how the jersey fitted around my shoulders - it wrinkled up a bit - and it was a tiny bit flappy around my (non-existent!) biceps.

Given that, I’m contemplating a sleeved tri suit, in the expectation of further aero gains from not having two pieces.

Does anyone have any good gear recommendations? I’m not looking to spend the earth on one either!

I have a Castelli, wasn’t too expensive and very happy with it. Comfortable, snug, and the top and bottom are only stitched around the back (where you get the aero benefit), the front opens up so toilet breaks are a bit easier :wink:

Make sure you try one on though, I’m normally a large for Castelli and most other cycling brands, I’m Medium on a few brands - for the trisuit I had to go XL, couldn’t even zip up the Large (I’m 6’1" and 76kg, not exactly barrel chested)

Thanks, @cartsman!

I’ll look into the Castelli, although there’s zero chance of being able to try on any tri suit where I am! It’ll just be my usual situation of sizing it up online, and crossing my fingers…

I love my Kiwami Tri Suit! I’ve got the previous generation Spider sleeved suit. Their size chart is based on height and weight which was a little disconcerting at first, but it was spot on for me. They designed the suit to be very aero in the sleeves so they take into account the fact that wrinkles are bad and make it tight though the shoulders. Just a little bit of unzipping on the run and you don’t notice it at all.

Also, what sold me on them was their customer service. Andre (here in the states) is rock awesome with it! Just shoot him a message and hell help ya out.

(Disclaimer: I’m on their team this year so I am an ambassador for the brand… the experience described above is what made me what to be an ambassador so it’s fully genuine. I actually had 2 offers to be a kit ambassador this year and went Kiwami b/c of what I stated above. Just wanted to be fully transparent on that)

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I’ve been really happy with the Roka Gen II Elite Suit. I have it with sleeves, but honestly, next time I think I would buy the sleeveless version. Just a personal preference, I’m not a huge fan of the sleeves.

Main benefit of the sleeved suit is that I can also wear it for cycling races without looking like the triathlete in a sleeveless kit :joy:

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I’ve used Fusion gear for a good number of years, currently in their SLI Speedsuit. Aside from the fit which is the most important part a lot will come down to the type of chamios you like. The Fusion gear has a really light fleece type pad which I really like for all distances. If you want a more substantial chamois it wouldn’t be for you!

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I prefer the fleece chamois for the Tri bike, so I’ll have a look at their offerings! Cheers!

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I’m currently using a SAYSKY AERO SUIT 3.0
Fits me best as sleeved suit.

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I’ve used the Cuore trisuit in a couple of triathlons. I really liked the fit, medium, 5’ 10”. No wrinkles in the shoulders and didn’t ride up on the legs. What I did enjoy was the small padding, didn’t notice it on the run. What I didn’t like were the two side pockets they were pretty small. Had a bar and gel fly out during a bike and a run.

I’ve heard good things about Velotec suits. Apparently they test really fast, aero wise that is, per Jim at ERO. I don’t know anyone that has bought one though.

Thanks, I really do appreciate the recommendation, but 240 Euros for a tri suit is a little too much for my penny-pinching ways!!

Edit: not only that one, it seems!! :slight_smile:
The Velotec seems slightly cheaper though . . .

Quick update: I got a good deal online on a Castelli Free Sanremo short sleeved suit. As I said, zero chance of trying anything on here unless I fly somewhere to do it(!), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed it fits!

Thanks again for all the advice everyone.

In case anyone else is looking to this thread for tips, Zappos does have a couple options (mostly sleeveless) - so if you want to order something with free returns that’s an option.