Speed suits for daily use/first race

I like going fast, only raced once before and a couple TTs.

First cat4 race in a couple months. I keep looking at all in one suits, at what point does preparation and kit start looking like"all the gear, no idea" ? Speed suits for the Saturday group blast frowned upon?

Now I’ve hit the age where what I look like and do isn’t as influenced by what others think but cycling is different in my mind and I do want others opinions and don’t want to look like someone with money and no idea/necessity.

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I’m planning on rocking a sanremo speed suit to group rides this year. Really doesn’t look that much different then race cut bibs and jerseys.

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My opinion on this is to save ‘feeling fast’ for races or competitive situations. For you, that seems to be Saturdays. There’s nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. Use whatever advantage you can.

In general, I believe in not being kitted out for speed unless you want to be fast. Training should be made hard and not using the fast kit unless the goal is to get comfortable with it. On the bike that may mean, for example, using Gatorskins or wearing ‘normal’ kit to not decrease drag. In the pool, by the way of example, it means wearing a drag suit for workouts and saving the jammers & speedsuits for workouts you really want to go fast and/or you really want to feel like you’re going fast (these could be certain workouts and some races).

My two cents.

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For racing wear whatever you think is the most aero.

For training wear whatever you want. I can confidently say the only thing that matters to me is how the person rides during group rides (and races). Do they show etiquette? Are they chill? Can they handle the bike? Are they a nervous rider? Do they know how to ride in a group and how powerful are they?

If you have no idea what’s going on and getting in the way or dangerous it doesn’t matter if you look like a pro or a joe. If you are killing it and super strong and talented same thing.

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I’ve switched to Sanremo exclusively outside. Skin suits are expensive and delicate and only provide noticeable benefit for breakaways and TTs. High quality bibs only for indoor rides.

For me personally, the speed suit will be a race day only kit. I want my brain to know that every time the speed suit goes on, it’s time to go fast.



San Remo is seriously the best thing since sliced bread, I agree. I also have a Morvelo speed suit which I absolutely love. To me both kits are just more comfy than a jersey/bib combo, if I didn’t have to ride in club gear during races I’d use these exclusively. Ironically, the club skinsuit I have is rubbish :joy:.

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I think there are some comfort issues that need to be adapted to with fast cycling equipment though. Aero helmets are hot and you need to get used to it. The sleeve length is longer on speed suits, etc. Having time in the saddle with all that has value.

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Call me old fashioned, but I save race kit for race day.

If I’m on a group ride I’ll be wearing whatever old team kit I feel like and running the cheap alloy wheels. I’ve been known to show up to training crits with fenders and lights mounted on my filthy bike when I was in Seattle. Gives you a little “sleeper” advantage too, and I’d prefer that to being the group ride hero wannabe on $12k of bike/wheels/aero kit that gets dropped by the kid on the 10yo bike. It really is the engine that matters at the end of the day after all…

In terms of speed suits, they’re great as long as the fit. Definitely try before you buy. In general aero kit is so good these days there’s little downside. When I compare my old Castelli skin suits to newer aero jerseys/bibs there’s no competition.

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Agree. I had hoped I made that point.

I’d leave it for race day. Think of it as your superman suit, the boot of your car becomes your phone box.


Well I guess I’ll wait and see if I race more than a couple times a year. Especially if posh jerseys are still fairly fast.

Cheers y’all.

Has anyone used the Sportful PRO BOMBER 111 SUIT for fast Sunday rides and Strava segments?

I was looking into buying because i really like my sportful bibs and jersey and figured why not gain some free speed.

I’d rather look like a slow guy and go fast, than look fast and go slow

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It’s all personal preference. Wear whatever you like!! I sometimes wear a skinsuit training because it’s super comfortable. If folk don’t like it, why worry? I’m sure folk talk about me turning up to chaingang in a skinsuit, but I couldn’t care less. I won a rival club’s team issue skinsuit on Zwift, and I’ve worn it on our club run. No point in having a £200 piece of kit not to use it!!

Strava segments and races go for it. Group rides depends on the group and on you. There are group rides where it’s pretty common and nobody will bat an eyelid. There are group rides where you’d stand out a bit and could expect some piss taking (if they know you) or smirks behind your back (if they don’t). And there are group rides where you’d stand out like a sore thumb (this also works the other way, there are rides where if you show up on an 8 speed with baggy shorts you’ll get some pretty odd looks). Your call as to how much any of this bothers you!

Personally I just find it strange when there are inconsistencies in kit. E.g. A guy who showed up at a race recently with a race suit and aero overshoes but with MTB pedals and hairy legs!

As an update to the above, I’ve been buying a lot of speedsuits with rear pockets because they are super comfortable and cheaper than most bib/jersey combos. I mostly train by myself, so there is no one around to complain that I look a certain way.

Just got a Castelli spring classics speed suit for “winter” riding around Socal for like $120 on closeout that I figure I’ll wear a lot, since it’s thermal lined.

Interestingly, most of these speed suits are significantly cheaper than the bib/jersey combo from the same manufacturer and they tend to drop in price a lot.