Tri suit for road racing

So I’ve been searching for good deals on some skin suits here in the UK and I keep tripping over deals for tri suits and namely the endura d2z one. In peoples opinion would this be a good buy for crit and road racing or do I need to be looking for road race specific suits?

can you link the deals you have found please

I don’t know of any reason you can’t wear one. I have worn my tri suit for MTB races (did not want first race to be a tri in the suit).

Less padding down below though in a Tri suit.

A couple things come to mind without knowing anything about tri suits or the one you are looking at:
Does it have sleeves over the shoulder or sleeveless? In the US, USAC rules restrict sleeveless jerseys/suits. Any pockets? Is the pad appropriate for the length races you’ll be doing and your riding position on a road bike?


Thanks for the input, it has proper sleeves and easy access aero pockets. The whole package looks solid but not sure if there’s something I may not have considered?

I have bought several cheap (to test it, but they will stay with me eventually) tri suits for the comming season as it’s hard to find really tight sets for small and slim person. Pockets are smaller, there is less padding and that’s it. The narrower padding actually for me is more comfortable, I love the feel of it. Pockets are too small for the whole day trip but for racing and shorter trainings why not?

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The biggest thing would be the chamois as they’re pretty minimal for the running leg. I use my tri suit for TTs and have no problem. In a road race I would prefer a regular pad rather than tri as the position is more upright. That could be an issue if you have a picky bottom. For a crit, you’ll probably be in more pain from burning through your legs rather than noticing the minimal chamois so there’s that :smiley:

Great, thanks for the reply

You could always use the tri suit combined w/ a pair of padded short liners like most of the online retailers sell (Chain Reaction comes to mind). Huub make a nice kit