Road race Suit size comparisons

Anyone have road suits from NoPinz that can compare the fit to other brands? Happy with my NoPinz suit in XS but considering trying a different brand, likely Gobik or Castelli and was wondering how the sizing might compare.
I’m generally an XS (For some brands like POC, XS kit still needs a tightening up at the tailor) but wondering if the Castelli or Gobik fit might be even more aggressive.

I wear the XS skinsuits from Nopinz for TT and have 3 pairs of their bibshorts in XS as well. However, all my other bibs are Castelli and they are medium, as are the 2 Castelli jerseys I have as well - and they are a close fit. Castelli certainly come up small. I am 170cm tall and 61-63kg depending on the time of year. So yes Castelli are certainly smaller than Nopinz , no experience of the others.


Thanks that helps will probably try a Castelli S and see how that goes, have a Castelli Entrata jersey in S which is very baggy but a pair their RC Aero shorts in S that feel pretty tight. Its tough how much sizing difference there is between and within brands.

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I pretty much always size up for castelli, sometimes even up 2 sizes. I’m a large jacket in just about every brand, 2xl castelli alpha ros. L or XL bibs everywhere else, 2xl castelli. 41ish inch chest 34 inch waist

Can’t compare to nopinz, but gobik is true to size for me (comparable to other brands, one size smaller than castellli). Caveat that I am female so wear small in their women’s gear and xs in their unisex. 125lb 5’8". Some of my favorite kit.

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