Treadmill Run speed rather than Cycling speed withRUNN (northpole engineering)

I wish I could use TR to give me treadmill run speed when paired with a RUNN treadmill speed sensor. I imagine this is in the pipeline but for now are there any other APPS that offer a really simple speed metric that I can stare at on my computer screen. I know that computer game company offers this but at a subscription. I need something really simple and hopefully free (or cheap)

I came across this, but I don’t have a treadmill so I can’t attest to it’s usefulness or things like that.

RUNN doesn’t provide power right? only speed? If there’s power you might be able to use another app, but again, like I said, I don’t have a treadmill (nor a RUNN device) Did you try goldenCheetah?

Zwift Run is free.

RunCline app is free.


You can just pair it to your Garmin / other sports watch, set up a “field” screen that just shows you pace (and/or whatever you want to look at) and go from there. Zwift Run is free, and I’ve used that, but sending it straight to the watch and watching TV is what I prefer to zwift on the treadmill.