Treadmill speed/distance vs wearable speed/distance

Hi folks,

This is more of a running question, but I’ve been lurking in this forum long enough to know that someone probably has an answer :joy:

I’m using the Wahoo fitness app with an indoor treadmill (AssaultRunner Pro) and chest based HRM (Garmin HRM-Pro Plus).

I’m able to pair the treadmill (Bluetooth only, it doesn’t broadcast ANT+), and speed/distance are recorded.

However, the HRM-Pro also broadcasts cadence & speed/distance (estimated from cadence). The issue I’m having is that when both devices are paired to the Wahoo app, the app seems to use speed/distance from the strap rather than the treadmill.

So I’m wondering if anyone knows of a way to ignore only the speed/distance data from the HRM, while preserving cadence and HR (in either the Wahoo app, or something else)

The pairing screen for that other training software basically does what I’m looking for, where you can choose which sensors are used for which input. I don’t really want a subscription just to get accurate treadmill distance though!

I’ve read through Triathletes/Runners/DIY Geeks: Have you ever wanted treadmill speed/distance on your watch? by @jandres (awesome project!), but I’d love to use the data from the treadmill itself.

Use Garmin Connect?

How so? I don’t see any option to disable output from the HRM-Pro Plus there, and there’s no way to record in the Connect app itself.

Thanks for the shout out @mdjnewman.

I don’t have the right sensors to test this, but check out this support page for the Wahoo App about selecting the data source for a particular data field:
Select a sensor as a data source

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I added the HRM-Pro to my Garmin Connect account, and it tries to auto download workouts automagically. I did a workout with just the HRM, and Connect had it without any effort on my side. It just worked. I mean I get nervous when things are so ‘magic’, but it seems to work really well.


The Android app I have ( looks wildly different to those screenshots :thinking:

I can select the treadmill on my version of the app, but the distance still appears to be coming from the HRM. I’ll test on my partners iOS device and see if it works there.

Oh wow, I’ve never tried just the HRM - will give it a shot. I thought another device was required.

I’ve since realized that running is free on Zwift, so that might be my solution for now :joy:

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