Duathlon on Zwift

Guys, how does this work? Do I need a run pod to put on my shoe, or do these go off the honor system? I’m not sure why people would cheat on this, but in theory, you could come off the bike, sit down, and hop back on the bike. I’m using this as an example to understand how this works. I’m hoping the process is I hop off my bike, keep the app going, run on my treadmill, and transition back to the bike. Are there connectivity/pairing issues? EDIT: I clearly don’t know how a duathlon works. I thought it was bike, run, bike, but it’s the other way around

You need either a run pod or a treadmill that connects directly to Zwift to give it a speed reading.

Honestly wouldn’t worry about people cheating, just treat the event as a bit of extra motivation to get a good workout in. Cycling on Zwift is already open to a whole load of abuse/inaccuracy from weight and height manipulation to poorly calibrated power meters and trainers. I imagine running is likely to be just as bad or even worse given the variety and inaccuracy of treadmills and footpods out there.


For the run you need either the run pod for your shoe or they have a new Runn sensor which you can attach to your treadmill which reads speed of the belt. Transitions are a bit of a faff, the run activity has to be saved and then go back into the Zwift app and select ride, same again for second run. Need to watch when pairing sensors, I’ve had my Direto connect as treadmill sensor and been left wondering why run speed wasn’t working. Bear in mind the transitions have a 2 minute window. Equipment set up is an event in its own :grin:.

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Guys, thanks for your responses