Travel advice to Cape Town ...with my mountain bike

Hi All

All this Epic business and watching Stage 6 in Jonkershoek made me book a flight (from New Jersey) to CT to ride up Irish and come down Armageddon and then go back up to ride down Firehut…rinse and repeat…in December.

I have a question for the locals…thanks in advance for your responses…renting an SUV that will hold an EVOC bag seems very expensive. Does anyone know if there is a car rental company that will offer a car with a RELIABLE rack? Alternatively, I would take a car with a tow bar and organize a tow bar mounted rack separately. It seems no car rental company offers a tow bar because they don’t want customers to be towing stuff. Would really appreciate ideas from anyone that has actual experience in getting around CT area with a MTB.

I should mention I bought a Pyga Mobu to support the local industry…this is the bike I will be bringing down. I love that thing!


A bit out of left field, but you might consider something like a vacuum cup bike rack. They are small enough to pack and pretty reliable.

I was hoping for something more secure…not only against wind gusts but also inventive pedestrians while I’m stopped at a red light…but I like your out-of-box thinking!

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Can you put it in the back of a hatch/estate?
Or Get a taxi from the airport? (That is what we did for Cape Epic).

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Want to be able to move around with the bike so taxi not ideal but good point re a hatch. Need to look into it!

If you are driving where the inventive pedestrians are roaming, you are likely lost/in the wrong areas.

I would link up with one of the local MTB Clubs and hook up with some locals, who could ferry you around at worst.

Locals will always be helpful to welcome visitos to their trails.

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