Evoc Road Bike Bag Pro - Handlebars on

@Nate_Pearson did you ever buy this travel bag? Has anyone bought the bag? Curious what the reviews are. I’m about to buy it.

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Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m considering as well. Please review it if you buy one!

Someone posted a review link earlier, here’s the review…

I would consider it if the price drops. But in the meantime I’m keeping an eye out on their previous model on Amazon for re-stock.

I did get it. It’s not the perfect bag for me.

Issues I had:

  1. I still had to lower my seat as it’s too high
  2. I still had to angle my handle bars down because they are too high
  3. The thing is HUGE. We had to take two cars to the airport when normally a single car would have worked with a bike bag. The driver of a commercial bus almost didn’t let me bring it because it was so big.
  4. There’s not a good handle to pull the bike when you’re walking, the one they have is too low for me to grab.

This would be good if:

  1. My bike was small enough to fit in without adjusting
  2. I was traveling solo and space wasn’t a concern

Thanks for the review. I’m much shorter than you, so I shouldn’t have to adjust the bike at all, but it sounds like the size of the case would still be a problem

@Nate_Pearson curious to what you ended up getting for travel?

I did get this bike case.

Problem with me is my bike is so big that we still had to angle my bars down and drop my seat :frowning:.

It’s also a giant case (biggest I’ve used) and was so big that we had to take two cars to the airport rather than just one. It’s also got a weird spot for the handle when you pull it (at least for me).

So for solo travel with a smaller bike it would be :fire:. For me this is not the perfect bike case.

Have you seen an Elite Borson in the flesh? I have one and I’m curious how they compare. Pretty much all the cons of the EVOC are my complaints about the Borson. I was considering switching.

@Nate_Pearson so if you don’t use this evoc when you fly, what bag do you use?

So you would not recommend the Elite Borson?

I’m not sure I’d go that far. I do think it’s a quality bag, it just has the above mentioned drawbacks. I’m not really sure the right answer for today’s integrated cockpit bikes. I think it’s just going to be a compromise all the way around to leave the bars on.

yeah damn…

For my road bike my favorite is the biknd helium.

For bigger bikes like my MTB I like the Evoc XL bag.

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Jon has a 54 or 56 and is using the Pro bag this weekend. He should have another review for that next week.

The Scicon Aerotech Evolution X TSA hard case is a great road bike option. Hard case protection, light, and smaller than both the new EVOC and also the old EVOC bags. It also rolls extremely well. On my 56cm Trek Emonda I can leave the bars on, but loosen the stem and turn them down.

I’ve tried a bunch of different bags including the biknd helium, Thule Hardcase, and Evoc Pro. For road bike the Scicon has been the easiest for both packing but also for convenience and ease of traveling with.

This can’t go bar on can it?

I have two bike bags since I travel for work often. I have an Orucase which I travel easily with for my Road bike with rim brakes. (would be harder with disc). I have the older version of the Evoc Bag for my MTB and its super easy.

Orucase requires you to completely disassembly the road bike. I can usually do this in under 15 minutes in both directions. I love this case and would recommend it for those with rim brakes. I have a 54cm bike.

Evok Case is requires me to pull the handle bars to side and remove my seat but that is it. Oh I do remove the brakes on the handlebars to make it easier to move the handlebars. This is a big case though and you need to have a full size car or put down the rear seat.

No, but no case can for my bike(s) as far as I know.

Yeah, me neither. Drat.

I’ve got this and used it last year. I think it’s well worth the price paid. The only accommodation I had to make for my travel plans was to get an SUV instead of a car. Even then it fit in the back seat of my mid-size car when my wife dropped me at the airport. I don’t have the pictures on this machine, but I’ll post my over packing pics to the thread later.

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