Any pannier rack reqs out there?

Following my Big Dumb Spill it seems that my shoulders are now officially FUBAR. 1 CB has not healed. Long story short. I can’t commute per usual with a rucksack for the towel and clothes. As we are on the long fumble back to full normality and, in particular, a return to site for my business I needs a plan. Google is going all Eroica stuff on me and not being particularly illuminating.

I need a bag that can take my laptop and clothes etc. I was half thinking of a seat post pannier but the idea of apply such a concentrated bending load on the CF seat posts I have gives me the heeby jeebies. The usual bike touring bags (bars, top tube & saddle) are likely too small for the laptop. Has anyone any experience of pannier racks that play with QR wheels? Any reqs on what to look at?

Thanks in advance…

No experience myself, but a youtuber I watch sometimes uses bags from . They seem to work well on more race oriented bikes, if you haven’t got full rack mounts.

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If you want to avoid getting stuck in the tailfin system and using their bags, Tubus have a few QR options, like Disco - rear carriers - Tubus

There is also a QR adapter set to get most of their racks on


Just finished a week bike packing trip and cannot say enough good things about the Tailfin racks and panniers. Simple, well executed design and worth the expense.

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