Transporting kids bikes

I am trying to figure out how to transport my 4 year old’s bike. I really don’t want to throw the bike in the back of the vehicle since when we travel, the back gets filled with everything else we need for the trip. The bike would be a mess.

We have a Thule T2 hitch mount. Dang if I can picture a way to transport his bike on it.


That’s a tough one, since the T2’s arm probably won’t cinch down far enough. I’ve seen it done in the following ways, but I’d recommend looking for a cheap roof rack, depending on your vehicle.

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Whenever we have done this it’s been in the boot, last to go in and generally with the bars turned so it’s flat to minimise space.

Would like to know alternatives too.

What about a ratchet strap or two around the bike, rack and one of the full-sized bikes?

Have you tried it yet? Probably a 12" wheel bike?
I’ve got a T2 on the back of my truck and just went outside; I think it would ratchet down on a wheel that size. If the rear wheel strap doesn’t reach, you can just use a strap or bungee around the rear wheel and the bar. As long as you’re not hitting crazy bumps, it’ll be fine. I’ve forgotten to secure my rear wheel a few times and nothing has happened.

If that doesn’t work, for a bike the size I am imagining, you could just bungee/strap it laying horizontally on the rack.

What kind of rack is with the Rocky Mountain bike?

I could take a part of my roof rack off my car and mount it to the T2 (my roof carrier has 3 racks). Hmmm.

Honestly, I have not tried it. Will have to do that.

One of his bikes is a strider style. One is pedals and bigger. He goes between them right now.

Bumping this back up. Son is on 16" wheels. Summer is coming and I am not having a ton of luck. T2 won’t ratchet down enough.

My sons 16” wheel frog 48 fits perfectly on a Thule 591 roof carrier by clamping the top tube instead of the down tube, can get them pretty cheap second hand but depends if you want stuff on the roof or not.

For my daughters 5 year birthday I picked up this 20” hotrock and it fit my 1-up rack no problem. A 16” bike would fit too I’m sure.

Thule 591 ProRide works with a 16" bike. My 4 year old was so proud having his bike up there next to mine.

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This is my solution. :wink:

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