TrainNow recommendation changes intensity category upon changing the length of the workout [Resolved ✅]

I’m currently using TrainNow for my workouts and do it almost daily. Most of the time it recommends an “endurance” workout and then throws in a “climbing” workout every third day or so, which makes sense.

However, I’ve noticed a couple times that when I go to TrainNow (and make sure it’s had time to read my recent training history), it’ll recommend an endurance workout, for example, but then when I change the length of the workout to be longer or shorter, it will now recommend a climbing or attacking workout. When I change the time length back to what it was originally on the recommendation still stays on climbing or attacking and it stays in that category even when I change the time to something different after that.

This leads me to believe that the true recommendation comes in this second iteration - after the page is refreshed when you change the time length. I think this explains why I sometimes feel like it’s recommending I do “endurance” for too many days in a row.

Is this a bug? Anybody else experienced this?

Yes, I get the same thing happening on the iOS apps. I always toggle the duration to reset it.

Hey thanks for bringing this up! I took this to the team and they’ve created an issue to isolate this occurrence within iOS and get it fixed!

I’ll provide an update when there’s more info available. Sorry for any confusion caused by this, we’ll get it sorted! :slight_smile:

Hey, all!
Just want to provide an update that the fix for this is live!
The TrainNow recommended zone is updated when athletes open TrainNow on the iOS app, and it does not require a forced sync to show the recommended zone.

Yay! Let me know if you all see issues after today, it’ll take a couple hours for that update to get pushed out but should be resolved after that. :thumbs-up:

EDIT: this is fixed on the web as of today, just wait for the next iOS release to see the fix live there as well. :slight_smile:


What a fantastic response to this issue and follow up on this thread! Thanks so much. And so honored to interact with a podcast celebrity.

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No problem! Happy to help and Im glad the development team could sort this one out quickly.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you experience other issues or have any training plan or Adaptive Training questions; we’re here to help! :slightly_smiling_face: