TrainNow stuck in spring-time endurance building mode?

Hi all,

I’m currently in a bit of a curious situation:
As a kind-of new year goal, I decided for myself to stick with the TrainNow recommended workouts for this year. (As in the recommended one of the three suggested workouts).
However, ever since starting this approach, TrainNow is rather insistent on me having an endurance building start into the season with now >3 weeks of only recommending different kinds of endurance workouts.

For a bit more context:
For the most part I’m doing only TrainNow, supplemented only with a short (~30min) Zwift race one the weekend (incl. a Warm-Up workout from TR) and maybe a free ride somewhere in the endurance zone as well.
Additionally, I have the Polarized Plans feature enabled in the early access section. But given that I’m not doing a plan, I have no idea if this will have any effect.

Now, after the long introduction, is this a common pattern with TrainNow during this time of the year (given that I’d assume doing endurance may be a rather common pattern in the data set the algorithm was trained with), or did it really get stuck somehow?

Thanks for any input on this topic

I think this is normal - it likes to build up your PLs in the lower zones quite a bit before giving you higher intensity stuff, but it will eventually start recommending ‘climbing’ or ‘attacking’ workouts once you’ve bumped those up a bit. If you feel it’s overdoing it, or just feel the need for a change, you don’t have to stick with the recommended option all the time.

This looks like a good explanation if there wouldn’t be much progress yet, but - and maybe I should have provided this already at the start - I’m now at 6.8 in endurance and started the year with

Endurance: 5.4
Tempo: 2.7
Sweet Spot: 3.9
Threshold: 1.9
V2OMax: 3.0
Anaerobic: 1.1
Sprint: 1.0

I have been doing TR for a while now and also seen broader ranges of recommended workouts, so I don’t see much reason why it would now put me into this endurance building mode when before it offered more options.