Training When Sick, Weight Gain to Build Power, Anemia and much more – Ask a Cycling Coach 232

Thanks guys, super responsive @Jonathan - I think I only emailed the “training while sick” question on Wednesday!


Interesting to hear the differences in how topics are tackled lately;
Supplements: largely marketing BS
Allergy Testing: this is awesome we need to test all the things (despite peer reviewed medical studies showing they dont work and are just marketing)

This is why doctors drink. The pseudo-science that gets pushed these days is crazy.


I’ve been chatting with someone at Everlywell on what tests would be good for me as a super-picky-eater (bad diet) cyclist to use to point me in the right direction in hopes of performance gains. Waiting to hear back. Will probably at least do the men’s health test as I’m curious about my testosterone level.

They take HSA cards and I have one I barely use so I figured it’s worth a shot. :man_shrugging:

Interesting about anemia. I was on a plant-based diet for 10 months and went to my dr for a routine checkup. Everything looked good but she did say I was slightly anemic. She mentioned this was due to low vitamin B12 intake and/or heavy alcohol use the days prior to my blood test. Knowing I’m sober and on a plant-based diet, I figured my vegan lifestyle was the cause.

I was taking a B12 supplement daily and eating what seemed to be a healthy diet. I have since been eating mostly vegetarian with meat here and there.

After hearing this episode I wonder if my test results were related more to my endurance training rather than my diet? My dr has an idea that I’m active but she doesn’t know the intensity and consistency I’m training every week.

It’s been a couple months now off a plant-based diet, I’m thinking about going back for a new blood test.

I saw this asked earlier in this thread but didn’t see an answer, will a blood test be impacted if taken the same day as a workout?


Your B12 level should not be impacted by your workout. Hemoglobin may depend on your level of hydration. If trained you may have an expanded plasma volume, and subsequently marginally low Hgb. If your blood test showed RBC morphology it may have provided a clue to B12 deficiency-- it is a cause of megaloblastic anemia (larger than normal RBC’s)

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I’m sad that i listened to this podcast while i was doing Baxter… :disappointed: My kinetic smart trainer broke when i tried switching to the big ring while in erg mode. They were talking in the podcast about how you could choose to ride in the big ring. I realized i don’t usually try that… and something broke so the resistance mode still works with trainer road but the erg mode doesn’t work. When i ride in erg mode the trainer ramps up the resistance and it becomes near impossible to pedal… when i analyzed the ride after the speed stopped working and it measured 0 mph from the point when erg mode stopped working through to the End bof the ride… guessing I’m out of luck and need to buy a new one or is it possible to repair this problem?

Contact the manufacturer for support.

There is no reason why shifting gears should cause problems, no matter what mode you use.

However shifting in ERG is something that can take a bit of technique to do smooth when you are at higher resistance levels. That should not be an issue with Baxter. But you still need to get on top of the pedals and power or you can get the Spiral of Death.

Assuming you were pedaling along at 90rpm in the small ring, a shift to the big ring would lead to a decrease in cadence around 20-30 rpm. If you aren’t strong on the pedals, that could catch a person off guard.

I will contact support. Ive had this trainer for long enough it’s certainly out of warranty but hope they might help me fix it anyways. Yeah on baxter i ramped it up to 90 cadence easily when going to big ring… unfortunately my smart Trainer’s speed went up to 30 mph when i heard something in the trainer break… at that time the power started going up and i tried to patiently hold 90 cadence and 400 watts for a full 45s before i ran out of gas and started trouble shooting

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Pretty sure you don’t get a distance and speed reading outside of erg mode, unless you have a speed sensor. So the moment it switched off, speed goes to 0. That doesn’t mean it’s broken.

Did you try using it again after that Baxter workout?

Good, because to be honest, the level of buy in I heard had me questioning all the science I’d ever heard on the podcast!

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  • Why would that be mode dependent?

Maybe it’s true for the KK trainers, but it’s not the case for my H2, Kickr17, Neo, Magnus or PowerBeam Pro trainers. They all report speed and distance for the workout, regardless of mode.

It’s just taking the rear wheel RPM times the wheel circumference entered into TR for the calculations.

Umm…I thought that I had noticed that information missing before. But I’ve just looked back through my history, and I can’t find any workouts without distance. Maybe I remembered something else about it. To be honest, I don’t care about distnace on the trainer, so I don’t pay much attention to it. Just when it was mentioned in the post above, it rang a bell. But seems I was wrong.

I’ve found that IgG food sensitivity testing works best when Mercury is in retrograde. Hope this helps.


unfortunately you missed the point of my post;
The words “I’ve found that…” have no basis in science, and unfortunately when you look at peer reviewed literature neither do many of those types of testing protocols.


In the interest of due diligence, I definitely will give it another try in some other workout… I suppose somehow it could be a very strange bug in the TR code power match stuff that is specific to that workout fit file… but i doubt it really…

All will be good as precession of the equinoxes transitions us from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius.

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Here’s some science :

But I’m a Taurus, and I’ll tell you vaccines don’t cause autism, so take it with a grain of salt.


Like many other I was shocked when you mentioned “IgG4-Allergies” on the podcast. I’ve always like the science approach of the podcast - until today. Sorry guys, but this is a no go!

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And i’ll grab the section in case others don’t follow the link:

“Due to the lack of evidence to support its use, many organizations, including the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology have recommended against using IgG testing to diagnose food allergies or food intolerances / sensitivities.”