Mallorca 312 2024 Recap Thread

Thought it might be useful to collate results and rider experiences for anyone signing up in 2025.

Me: 225km / Total time 9:25:49 / Avg Power 2w/kg / Avg Speed 25kmh

  • Trained using a combination of TrainerRoad LV (2 x intensity per week) and then Zwift for hilly endurance (Mega Pretzel). Did a real world 200km ride two weeks out.

  • The first cut off is tough. Thought I was making good progress (flew past people on the descent into Soller) but only just made 11:15am. Something to be mindful of.

  • Water and feed stations were busy, but fantastic. Lots of complaints from 2023, clearly been taken on board. Plenty of good food and water.

  • Getting into a group at the start is easy and you’ll fly to the first climb. Worth working hard to get into a decent group from 150km onwards. Don’t be one of the solo riders plodding along at 22kph while groups go whizzing past at 40kph

UPDATE! NUMBER ONE TIP: Bring safety pins. The organisers only give you two.


Hi. Can I ask did you make all the cut-off times?
Did you consider doing the 312?
What time did you get to the start/how long did it take to cross the start line?

(I’ve reserved a spot for next year; and am planning to start training towards the 312. Slightly concerned about the length and required speed to make cut-offs)

Just made the 11:15 cut off time. Second one was fine. General consensus is that the mountains cut off is the one you need to worry about.

Considered 312 but I’m coming back from injury and have some events in May / June. Didn’t want to risk it. Also the beauty of the event is definitely in the first half. Don’t feel like I missed much doing the 225km. If I did it again I’d stick to the 225km.

I got to the start about 5:45am / 6am. Didn’t cross the line until just before 7am (which makes that first cut off all the tougher than if you’re out at 6:30am)

Completed the full 312 in 11 hours 47 minutes. The additional KMs after the 225 cut off are completed on not great roads, and I doubt I’d do the full course again.

Having a one year old daughter, coupled with starting my own business, really impacted the training I was able to do.

The core of my training focused on a TR Low Volume Plan, primarily threshold and Sweetspot. 75-90 minute sessions, with endurance at the weekend. I never had the time to ride longer than four hours, so I’m grateful that I have some idea what works for me regarding fuelling.

No issues with cut offs, feed stations were busy but well stoked and the helpers were brilliant.

I would recommend that you leave your inner Tom Pidcock at the start line. I saw more than a few riders on the side of the road having taken a spill. Those switch backs come at you quickly when you’re tired.

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How sketch is it having 8000 people flying into tight corners? I’ve just come back from Mallorca and don’t think I’d fancy being cut up into the switchbacks which ultimately puts me off the 312

I didn’t have any problems. Most people descend conservatively, on the hoods (less safe in my view, but slower I guess).

I’ve only been to Mallorca once before, am a bang average cyclist, and never felt like it was particularly hairy.

Perhaps at the front where people are really going for a time it might be like that, but not among the masses.

Of course with that many people you will get crashes but I would not say the event ever felt dangerous.

Someone who is normally comparable with me in descent times (we’re both faster than most) has put a minute into my open road PB down Puig Major during the 312 on two occasions.

The only conclusion I can draw is that it’s less busy than trying to navigate the descents on a normal day with cars coming the other way :joy: