Training, Racing, Riding, and Swollen Lymph Nodes

First off, I AM in the middle of medical diagnostics, in a week or two I undergo a fine needle aspiration and hope the hunch of the ENT Dr is correct (based on history and an ultrasound).

At an annual physical my PCP discovered chronically swollen lymph nodes. No other telltale signs of disease were noted (eg my blood counts are good, no unexplained weight loss, no night sweats, etc) and I went for an ultrasound. The ENT dr. says all looks perfectly fine but the nodes are big enough it is a good idea to get them checked in detail. So I am much more at ease now and have an FNA scheduled.

I recently did an hour long on-road FTP test (which went better than expected) and I noticed one of the suspicious nodes to be more swollen than usual. Now, a few days afterwards it is back to a more normal state… I was paging through my text on training (one of Joe Friel’s books) and in it he notes one possible sign of overtraining is swollen lymph nodes.

Is that something you have noticed in yourself? My riding/training volume is way down this year – looking to be half of a normal year.

Thoughts, observations, experiences?

No experiences mate. Though best of luck that the last diagnosis confirms all the good ones preceding it. All the best.


Got an answer today. They said it looks like I’m getting over an infection. Tomorrow I open my Little Shop of Power!

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I’m happy it’s just an infection.

I am sorry I didn’t read this topic until you already got through your diagnostics, so I couldn’t help.

About a year ago I went through something similar in which I found a swollen lymph node in my neck. We did every test and all the values were normal. We decided to do a ct scan and it turned out it’s just a node that is bigger. It could be scar tissue from a infection And it never gets small nor it gets bigger. Anyhow I know the waiting for the results and reading online is the worse.

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Thank you, no worries! The ENT dr I consulted with said he has a similar note it’s just bigger than normal for no apparent reason.

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