Sore throats and strep

Hi All.
Over the past little while, I have been suffering from fairly regular sore throats, three of which in the last 12 months have been strep with two requiring hospital visits. My doctor says it is likely being brought home from my boy’s school but each time he has been swabbed and found to be all clear.
Training load has stayed the same low volume plus another ride leading to approx 400tss weeks. Diet, sleep, etc is not bad.
Just looking for some help to see if anyone else has suffered from sore throats? Could it be down to fan placement, training in a sweaty top? Any thoughts even anecdotal would be much appreciated. Other than dropping the training load I’m not sure what to do at the moment.
Many thanks

A lot of cold viruses also get brought in here through our primary school-going kid. What I take when I feel a sore throat, are tablets from the Arkoroyal brand. I believe it’s bio/organic somehow. Works a charm.

I will take a look, but mine normally seem to happen over night and by the morning it’s too late.