Elevated HR and other stuff - time off?

Hey all.

I failed a threshold workout on Wednesday, with a significantly elevated HR relative to previous efforts, and that evening felt a bit rubbish. Come Thursday, I had moderate flu symptoms. I also have slightly enlarged lymph nodes in my groin. Saw the doc, and while he’s running some bloods re. the nodes, he thinks it’s likely a mild infection. Results hopefully Tues/Weds.

I felt largely better this morning, so I thought I’d go out for an easy ride. At mid Z2, HR was c.11-12 beats up on normal, though I felt fine. I decided to call it off after about 25 minutes as the HR wasn’t falling.

Would you all take a bit more time off? I’ll be honest, I’m stressing a bit about the enlarged lymph node [never google symptoms!] and the raised HR. Anyone else been here?

Nb - this isn’t Covid. I’ve had it, and was vaccinated 13 days ago.

Always better to err on the side of caution.

Rest is probably all you are needing but it takes 3weeks for the jab to get into your system I believe and I don’t know what level that is until you get that 2nd jab.

Still not much difference. Tried a 30 min zwift spin today.

Averaging 150bpm to stay in lower/mid Z2…

I foresee a bit of a layoff :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

After I took a week off and came back my HR was also 10-15bpm higher at any given effort. After 4 days it returned to normal. Not sure if that could be the same for you

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Hopefully! Bloods came back normal, so just wait it out, I guess…

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