Training plan to fit my routine

Hello all

I have been using TrainerRoad for as long as I can remember. A few years ago I followed a plan through for cycling holiday in Provence which culminated in four ascents of Mt Ventoux in a day and it worked incredibly.

Now I just want to keep on top of my all round fitness but I may take part in Liege-Bastogne-Liege sportive next spring.

I would like to use my indoor rower once a week, run once a week, cycle outside on a Wednesday evening and one day at the weekend and the do an indoor workout once or twice a week. Obviously move indoors for inclement weather days.

Looking for advice and suggestions on how to plan/schedule this please.

Do I create a TR plan using the wizard for the number of days I want to work out and then substitute row/run for two workouts and if so, how to equate the training effect? I obviously can’t row or run for the same time I can cycle. Or, do I create a TR plan for the cycling days and just slot in my other workouts?

Any advice very much appreciated.

Ideally if you’re targeting an event like that I’d suggest you structure your training as much as possible.

I think your approach will depend on on what type of work you plan to do on your runs and rowing. If you’re happy doing easy running and rowing you could just set up a LV plan using plan builder. I’d try to commit to completing two of the key workouts per week. You could either do them indoors or push the workouts to outdoors when the weather’s good. You’ll get plenty fit with the extra rowing and running as extra Z2. If you wanted to push hard on one of those (run or row) a week you might get way with it, but I’d limit it to max 3 hard sessions a week.

If you’re planning on including intensity in your rowing and running I’d prob just use TrainNow. You could vary between VO2 and threshold workouts. You would still get decent progression through the workouts but prob not as effective in terms of gains, cycling wise.

Aren’t VO2max workouts exchangeable between different endurance sports? I mean, if goal is to train body’s capability to consume oxygen, rowing or running might be even better than cycling because more muscles are working. Might want to keep Z2-Z4 workouts because those target cycling-specific muscles but some shorter cycling Z2 can be substituted with running for variability.

Anyway, all above is just guess based my limited understanding of sports physiology. But I would be interested in this myself as well, next winter probably going to focus on indoor rowing to get more upper body movements as well.

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Thanks Joe. That helps me see the available strategies a little more clearly.

Working towards the event is only in terms of being able to complete it comfortably and enjoy it. I’m not looking for any particular time.

I thinking I can either create a LV plan and slot in my row/run/swim on empty days. I can see that Garmin connect run/row/swims are not being sync’d into TR but I can add them manually. Effort and TSS can be set for runs. It would be good if I could do the same for a swim and I can’t see an option to add a row but I suppose I can use “other”.

So I’m now wondering if the adaptive algorithm will take these manually added sessions in to account or if I don’t have a plan and use Train Now, will that use those extra sessions when making a suggestion?

Apologies if I’m asking stuff that has been answered in other posts. Of course, if there are relevant sections in the documentation feel free to point me to it. I’ll go and have another look round anyway.

AT and TrainNow don’t take additional workouts into account at the moment. I’m not sure how soon the rollout on that is expected. I think the auto-upload for runs and swims is 1-2 months away (I may be wrong on that). I don’t think it’ll pull in the rowing though.

I was doing something similar previously with runs and swims. I found that the TSS estimates were a good bit off for me for running (I’m 90+kg). I was taking TSS from Training Peaks and adding that in instead.

That’s a good point, I didn’t even think of that. Definitely true for central adaptations. I’m sure there’s a decent overlap for peripheral too.

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