Training plan for half distance IM after completing full IM

Hi All,

I successfully completed IM Austria a week ago and have decided to do a half distance at the end of September to round out this year.

I was following the Tri Full distance high volume plan, and am trying to figure out the best use of my time for the next 8 weeks. I’m not sure if I head straight back into speciality, or repeat base or build (thinking the half distance tri plans here), or potentially even sweet spot or sustained power build plans. The main think I would like to get out of the next 8 weeks is increasing power.

Anyone out there done something similar? How did you train after your full?

Ta :+1:

With 8 weeks to spend, I would likely complete Weeks 1-7 of Half Distance Build, followed by Week 8 of Half Distance Specialty as your taper week :+1:

Good luck!