Training Plan for Bike Touring

Any suggestions on what training plan to use for a 3-4 weeks bike touring trip? I’m thinking about sweet spot base, general build and century plan low volume.

Sustained Power is the typical match up for Century Specialty, but General can work fine too. It is a bit of what you expect to need or want for efforts. Probably can’t go wrong either way.

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How many miles per day? Mountains or flatlands? Whats your goal(s)?

Frankly any plan will probably work. I’ve known people get off the couch and ride 500+ mile tours because they ride at a slow pace and not too far each day. Dragging a heavy loaded bike over multiple mountain passes each day is probably slightly different, but why not plug your tour into Plan Builder as a multi day event and choose the appropriate daily time and intensity you expect and see what it spits out.

:slight_smile: I will have a look

I will be riding around 80-100km each day, hills and flat :slight_smile: