Training plan and progression levels a bit off?

I have got an Ultra Endurance 24h event in July and decided that I would look at a training plan for this. I have had to use the Gran fundo category in order to build the plan. When the plan has been built the first Sweet spot workout is at level 4.9, but on the progression levels my sweet spot is 9.9.

Is this correct or should I adjust something? Surely I should be training at a level more akin to the progression levels?

It’s a bit different for your sub-threshold progression levels.

Just because you have done a 9.9 sweet-spot workout in the past doesnt mean you should do one every week.

I havent buried myself for one 9.9 workout and hey presto. Ive not had a score of under 5 for sweet spot for some time, yet my starting workout is a 4.9?

Hey guys… does anyone else have skne thoughts? Would really welcone a whole host of comments before i start my program on Monday about whether i should worry / care about the low levels.

I guess it largely depends on where you’re currently at with your training.

If you’re about to start a TR base plan, it’ll naturally assume you’re coming back after some sort of off-season. In that case, it wouldn’t make sense to have your PLs up at 9s and 10s, as you’d have nowhere to go progression-wise for the next 12 weeks of base training.

If your base training is already done for 2022, you might want to jump straight into a build phase.


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I assume you’re prob in build at the moment, given your event is in July. I’m currently in Sustained Power Build MV. My SS level is 6.9 but the plan is serving me up 4s as well. My plan is mostly focused on improving VO2, I’ve two scheduled per week (plus a threshold workout) which would pretty grueling. So it makes sense to take it easier on the sweetspot. I assume your plan is similar - it’s giving you easier sweetspot so you’ve a bit more in the tank to focus on the harder workouts.

Having said that I’m ditching one of the VO2 workouts and upping the sweetspot because I’m getting a lot of volume in at the moment.

Also, if you’re hitting 9.9 on a PL it might be time to use FTP detection and level up your FTP. Especially if your other PLs are similarly high.

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Thanks guys… my progression levels are not similar elsewhere. They are very skewed to sweetspot. I havent done a training plan at all yet this year, ive been using trainnow instead.

I did an AI FTP yesterday and it actually lowered my FTP.

Well there goes that theory!:joy:

If you’re handling the workload fine you could always use the alternatives tab to pick a tougher SS workout. It’s a bit of a pain swapping for every ride, I’m at the same myself.

On the plus side, if you’re at 9.9 SS you’ll blast through the early threshold workouts no problem.

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Soooooo … you have about 12 weeks until your event. Not much point starting a 28 week training plan on Monday, then.

Here’s an idea. Go to, say, 1st November 2022 or 1st Jan 2023 in your calendar. Use plan builder to set up the Gran Fondo plan, all 28 weeks of it.

Continue to use Train Now (or just manually select workouts) for the next 4 weeks to emulate the last 4 weeks of the build phase of that plan, and then do the full 8 weeks of the specialty phase of that plan. Might want to do a 1 week rather than a 2 week taper.

At least that way, you’re doing the sort of stuff that TR thinks you should be working on coming into your event. The change in training stimulus (different workout types) should give your body a jolt and might drive some FTP improvements.


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So you have a new block starting next week? It used to be that blocks wouldn’t have AT adaptations applied to them until you were actually in the block. That might be why the scheduled workout doesn’t match your PL.