Endurance Progression Level Decreasing on Low Volume, huh?

There is a new pop-up that occurs when you hover over the progression bars within the “Career” tab. It says why you progressed forward or went backwards. I was surprised to see mine go backwards on my “Endurance” as it said I have not done any endurance rides in awhile despite the fact I have been progressing forward on Sweet Spot and Threshold. I am totally confused on this while training in “Low Volume”. The endurance levels I completed are from supplemental rides in between the true “Low Volume” rides. The whole point of “Low Volume” is to ride less days but to be able to do an endurance event at the end with good form. How in the world is my endurance going down? I would think the threshold and sweet spot rides (and some VO2) would be slowly bringing it up . . . or at minimum keeping it steady.

In week 6 you will have 3 endurance rides. When you finish them your endurance PL will probably be higher.

My plan gave me endurance rides considerably higher than what it estimated my PL so doing them will bump me up.

I can tell you based on mine (I haven’t seen yours) that it trusts my ability to do harder END workouts based on my SS and threshold rides. But for now, it’s showing my endurance PL as being pretty low.

The takeaway is that it might adjust you downward and/or keep your PL low but it’s also aaare that your other workouts will allow you to skip over levels.

My endurance week workouts are (+1.1) (+1.5) and (+3.1). So it’s very different than SS which are usually just a few tenths above my current level.

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Endurance progression levels don’t really mean anything unless you’re doing very long (3+ hours) TR rides. They are just showing you how easy your easy days are. I’d recommend ignoring them.


Fair enough thanks

Thanks still weird b/c I know myself and I could right now go do some of their high level endurance rides but I am horrible at Threshold/over-under. Just weird to see my endurance get walked backed as the others get pushed forward and I can barely get thru them or to get through take a few %'s down on occassion. like @patrickhill said, ‘just ignore them’.

Thanks guys


Yep. Another way to look at is just think of the PLs as the workout difficulty TR recommends you use at that point in time. It’s not a statement of your quality as a cyclist and IMO not something we should hide from our strava feeds. (Another thread)

Look at the future workouts in your calendar. They aren’t always there to stretch your abilities. They’re a mix of achievable, productive and stretch.

So in addition to looking at your FTP and your various PLs, AT is deciding when to give you an achievable, a productive or a stretch workout.

I think for your case, it is seeing that you have been focused on SS and Threshold and when TR does assign you some END workouts it will dial those back a little. Not bc it thinks you couldn’t do harder ones but bc harder ones wouldn’t be appropriate for you based on the goals of your plan.

Endurance wo are only in my calendar ever 4 weeks or so and as it a recovery week they are rarely taxing. I did Bays+1 on a bad weather weekend which bumped them up to 6.8 or something. Lol, they’ve been falling ever since but no Bays +1 on a rest week is ok by me.