Training Plan Advice - Injury

Hi All!
TL;DR: Injured (back), no events, ample time, would love to increase w/Kg and TTE; would polarized training be right for me?

Context: the doctor has me riding only indoors for the time being. I’ve been doing a LV plan adding in Z2 rides 2-3 days a week. Hitting 95% of the intensity workouts. I have a pretty open schedule, with no races on the horizon. I may be having surgery in the coming months.

All that said: I’m at a loss for what to do. I’m not training for anything at the moment, except to maintain fitness. I’d love to find a new goal. I’d love to increase w/Kg and TTE. Would polarized training be right for me? If so, should I choose LV, MV or HV? If not: should I just do TrainNow? Running through the cycle seems strange. I could also just do a maintenance plan and focus on other things. Again, I’m at a loss.

About me:

FTP: ~310
Can train ~10-12 hours/week

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LV, rolling road race, add train now if you feel really fresh at the end of the week. Boom. Done. No need to over think it.

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Polarised would work very well on those hours. Give it try, what do you have to lose?

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I guess my only concern or question here is about the cycle of tapering toward performance. If I have a year of rehab before I need to peak again, what should my focus be? Could I use this year better by building extensive base aerobic fitness?

Im not a doctor and I too have a bad back. What works for me is when my disc gets inflamed. To the point, it feels like a knife jab when I move a certain way, it’s time to reduce intensity. I will up the volume. It can take a month or 2 to return to normal. My goal is to maintain fitness. I see this as a gain.