Training Outdoors Exclusively (using TR)

Regarding a recent announcement from Nate concerning outdoor workouts,

I’d recently joined TR and took advantage of its 30-day money back trial; I’m glad that was offered as an option as my indoor trainer (Elite Direto) had at least one very significant issue, that being its ability to negotiate a reliable, stable or useful resistance during any training test or session. Whether it was an ERG software problem on my indoor trainer or something else, I have no clue; suffice to say, the TR experience was full-on suck right from the get-go. I have no problems or lack of ability in holding any particular cadence and/or power output when training outdoors on the road however for what ever reason, the indoor trainer’s resistance what constantly fluctuating to the extremes which in the end would negatively affect an FTP or structured workout, big time. After taking an FTP test and trying a couple Sweet-Spot workouts, both of which didn’t go well, it was obvious to me that TR if not indoor training in general was not for me, at least with my current setup. I was disappointed and not happy with having to bail out but…

Hearing TR’s adding a more outdoor training approach and direction to its overall program means that this rider (me) can soon take advantage and make use of much of it not all of TR’s features which to lay it on a little thick, is a real blessing for me. Living in Sacramento California where riding outdoors is almost always at least doable in less than extreme conditions, for me, it’s a no-brainier in choosing it as a preferred training environment, my very limited indoor trainer experience notwithstanding.

So, dear TR, thank you and in those famous words of Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back.”