Training for CX after late summer vacation

Hi all, I love this community and the podcast!

Before going on vacation I have been training towards endurance riding having done a couple of big events (100 miles and 75 miles)

So now I am going on a family 3 week vacation without being able to take a bike with me. I come back towards the end of August and cross will be right there waiting for me.

During my vacation I plan to run, mostly zone 2 to keep my endurance, and find a steep hill to do run ups.

What should I do when I come back from vacation? how soon can I start a speciality phase for CX and what do I need to do before that? (I dont really have a CX calendar yet, but I would expect to have some races starting mid to late September.)

Also what else should I do on my vacation? I am afraid beer and food will be part of it, so I dont expect to come back lighter than I am now :slight_smile:

Strength training will help to make you more durable as you bump along the CX course while on the rivet. Take a kettlebell or do some bodyweight exercises, lots of trunk. Do them HIIT style to work that VO2 max output range.