Training for a 30 min power target

On a TR podcast Nate said he was in a bet with someone to hit 370 for 30 min. How would you go about training for that? Seems a good way to create a goal while stuck in the doldrums.

Do lots of SS & Threshold work.


It’s Nate’s way of selling the idea of training FTP.

He’s right. If you improve your threshold, 30 min power will improve. If you improve your 30 min power, threshold will go up. Both durations are mid range on the PD curve.

You’re gonna be so awesome on those 30 min group rides and races.

This year I set an all-time 30min power PR after 8 weeks of Polarized and 1 week of SS. So…maybe disregard my first rec.

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Did you do your polarized training in TR?

Haha.,love it.

PR was in July so lots of Z2 outside rides (May/June) and 1 TR VO2max workout every ~8 days.

I’m not trying to sell anything with this bet. We just thought it was fun.

I’ll just be doing my cape epic plan (Marathon MTB and sustained power build).

I’ve never done 370 for 30 minutes. But if I do, I suspect I’ll be pretty dangerous (relative to myself) in hour long crits and at Unbound Gravel 200.


I’ve just done 30 min on the trainer as my ftp test. I suck at the one min ramp test and have years of data using that.

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Ditto, I suck at the 1min ramp test also. Whereas I can do a steadier state power for longer without ERG.

What power can you do for 30 minutes? You are my HERO! LOL

I’ve never done an all-out 30 minutes, but right now it’s 334 but it was in the middle of a 2.5-hour effort.

I’ve done 400 for 10:10 in a ramp test, and 12-minute interval repeats at 367 on the trainer. The longest I’ve held 370 for is 13 minutes during a ramp test.

So I have a long ways to go, but that’s what makes the goal fun :smiley:.


not exactly 30 minutes, but what about your time trials?

Nice going :muscle::leg::+1: The most I’ve held for 30mins is just 273w on a 15 mile TT and the longest I’ve held 370w was on a 10mile TT (just 2mins 25sec).


Close to mine - 281W on a 65 minute time trial, and 370W is only 2:35 on a 17 minute commute.


I really like the idea of longer PR targets! I’m thinking I’ll try them on a time trial Tuesday workout every other week or so and progress to beating PRs.

My best 400w is something like 16 minutes (I’ll likely never touch that again), but my best 30min is relatively in reach at 344w and my best 45 minute is 332w, which is one I’m confident I can get. For 370w, I’ve done 22 minutes. I’ve never had a full gas road bike effort that long, and I can’t match the power in aero.

Ramp test this week had me at 315, and I’ve been resting for about two weeks. This should be really fun, and it seems doable!

*Relevant Edit: my best ramp test was in 2019, (about three years after my “prime”) at 327w. I think I may be capable of getting that up near 340-350w.

Those always suck because I put out way less power in aero.

I don’t think I could ever do 370 for 30 minutes on a TT bike.

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gotcha :+1: Forgot about TT bikes because I’m a one bike to rule them all type, and have only done Merckx class TTs.

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I even get power loss in the drops. I think I’ll try to go for it on my MTB on the trainer in ERG mode. Maybe a road climb though…not sure.

Btw, if I got this before cape epic I would be ecstatic! :smiley:

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oddly enough I see my heart rate decrease while in the drops on my road bike, and some of my best power efforts have been mostly in the drops. My bike is a 2015 Trek Domane with lazy endurance geometry, so take that comment with a grain of salt.